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It's Anna Wu

Hi Sweeties! It's me Anna Wu.

Cupcake Maker | Pastry Chef

It's no secret, Anna loves her sweets! Bringing A.Sweets Girl to life is such a dream come true. It allows her to create her sweets everyday keeping it a small-batch-made-from-scratch daily concept! She loves to keep her flavors straight forward by recreating classics with a touch of her special techniques and recipes. Her menu is far from standard though as she'll keep things interesting by bringing in her Asian background flavors to add a special touch in her menu. Seasonal flavors are coming and going as well so make sure to grab them before they're gone! 

If you spot A.Sweets Girl on the road, come say hi to Anna! She will be behind the window and you'll always find her to be bubbly, happy, and sweet! You can't blame her when she's so lucky to be surrounded by sweets all day. She definitely loves interacting with her Sweeties so come grab a cupcake, have a chat and take a picture with her! Her smile shows it all.

Anna also loves to contribute back into her community and meaningful causes. You would find her giving either time, support, services or sweet treats at events such as Annual Children's Coat Drives since 2014, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer since 2016 and many other charitable events throughout the city of Chicago and Chicagoland area. 

A.Sweets Girl continue to look for additional good causes to contribute her support and just continue making great delicious cupcakes! Growing since 2015, Anna is making moves so all her sweet dreams can come true. Continue to follow her journey to see what's more to come! BAKERY CAFE COMING SOON...LATE SPRING/EARLY SUMMER 2024!

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